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Kitchen Facilities Suite

“SUITE 510” STANDARD Min. stay : 3 nights. 2 ambients 1 bathroom with shower 1 minibar 1 microwave 1 king size bed 1 single bed + 1



Jacuzzi Service – Lounge Terrazza Off

We are informing you that the Jacuzzi Hot Tub on the 5th floor and the roof top bar will be closed ’till june 2016.



E’ arrivato il momento di rinnovare anche l’ascensore. A partire dal giorno 26 ottobre 2015 avranno inizio i lavori per la sostituzione dell’ascensore principale dell’hotel. Verrà messo a disposizione della clientela un servizio di facchinaggio gratuito dalle 9,00 alle 21,00.

Terrazza Bar Service Off

The Terrazza Staff is on holiday!! The room service is available at the lobby bar. Thank you. See you soon  

TravelBreak By Stephanie Be

We would like to say thank to Mrs Be writing about us!   Read the new article that talk about Bologna

Read what these belgians guys wrote about us

It’s very hard to read something like that. It’s difficult to accept. We found this letter leave outside the hotel entrance, and the 3 guys from Belgium didn’t explain nothing  to the desk. Never. No a complain . My job is to

Ferrari Maranello Museum

Foto Museo Maranello

DISCOVER FERRARI LAND – EXPO 2015 Package (n.2 nights)   In the context of EXPO 2015 Milan, Hotel Touring and Vivara Viaggi, in collaboration with the Ferrari Museum, invite you to discover the Land of Taste and mythic Made in Italy. Legendary cars, timeless stories

Essential for surviving in this -monocromato- ill-famed century.

Immagine acronimi

How many time did u read a message asking to your son about the meaning of an acronyms ?? The same think append to us when we received an email, in particular from the US. So I collect these for

New Hotel Rooms

new rooms

New Hotel Rooms in Bologna. Discover the second floor & his Urban Style Hotel Touring is a 3 generation family run hotel in the historic centre of Bologna. The continuous renewal, create new incentives for customers and staff, improve the

Discover Bologna Italy with Tommaso Codolo – Go Pro


Dreaming about a city with 66 kms of porticous, a place where u can enjoy the real ragù bolognese in a traditional trattoria?? Dreaming about a place full of students due to the oldest University in the world? Bologna is

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Top 5 Gifts from Bologna

Collage Mercatini Natale francesi 2014

Ultimate Bolognese Gift Chart Looking to buy something special from Bologna? Whether you’re interested in giving a gift to a loved one or simply treating yourself, Bologna is full of unique products to appeal to everyone’s taste. From homemade pasta

Bologna Events in December


It’s almost party season! I can practically feel the flimsy party hat on my head, and hear slack-tied bosses all over the world making bad speeches. Me and Sara, we thought of our favorite places & events Motor Show December 6th-14th

Sara Dowling for Touring Blog

Photo Aug 31, 2 21 13 PM

Siamo felice di presentarvi Sara la nostra nuova blogger!! Lei scriverà per la nostra versione in inglese, aiutando i turisti inglese a scoprire Bologna e i suoi angoli magici Sara è l’autrice di   Scoprite i suoi entusiasmanti lavori

CioccoShow Bologna 2o14 – Cioccolate Show


Cioccoshow 2014   14 – 15 Nov 2014 Bologna Hitting Bologna this November are two tempting events that are sure to please your senses. First is the long-awaited annual Cioccoshow, a huge chocolate festival featuring hundreds of chocolatiers from all

Opening with Tommaso Codolo and GopRo on the 5th roof top patio

Opening 2014 Terrazza Mattuiani

News: hi everybody live from the 5th floor of Hotel Touring Bologna we are arranging the opening date We were arranging Hotel Touring Bologna’ documents, and it reappeared the video shot and edited by our friend Tommaso Codolo. A friend

Water Night 2014 Bologna Cersaie


Cersaie 2014: From 22 to 27 September, the former Ospedale dei Bastardini, at Via D’Azeglio in the centre of Bologna, very close to the Touring Hotel Bologna, opens the doors if its magnificent spaces for the third year in a row

Touring Gift Vouchers


TOURING GIFT CARD Looking for a unique and yummy gift? How about a Touring Gift Card! They come in €30 to X denominations. Simply ask at reception your idea, we will give you a voucher including the “value” of your

Top 10 Most Guarded Secrets of Bologna Italy’s Most Underrated City

I would like to say grazie to Sarah! Is an honor to be featured among the top 10 things to do in Bologna. Our city is a city to discover and like us there are many things that people do

Wine Tasting

Here we introduce how to taste a good wine. Wine is a world a part. Just in Italy we have about 12000 variety of wine! Remember: YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A SOMMELIER TO ENJOY THE WINE, what you need

Ghost Guest

One of the last review says: “The hotel is less than a quarter of an hour to walk from Piazza Maggiore . Modern furniture but a little ‘ affastellato in the lobby, room as soon as discrete , bathroom (especially

Vermeer Opere from The Mauritshuis- Golden Age

Girl with a Pearl Earring. Few titles conjure up such a sense of something immediately recognizable, of a familiar face, of a supreme, enigmatic beauty Just like the Mona Lisa in Paris, or The Scream in Oslo. All three are symbols and emblems even

Tumblr Blog

Here we go! that our new Tumblr Blog What is Tumblr? Tumblr are 160 blogs, 71 k posts …You can post links, pictures, from mob or desktop.  

San Luca’s Portico


XMas Check List

Ciao we publie a nice checklist and suggest to have a look on :

Nik docet – Spot about Nick Vujicic

A news video about Nick Vujicic Life

TrueMoveH Spot 2013 – Nice to see

If you got a rest, just take your time to have a look on it. Is an extraordinary spot. Think

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Pet Friend Hotel in Bologna

Bologna Hotel Pet Friendly Small animals welcome The Touring Charming  Hotel Bologna is excited to welcome your four-legged travel companions to the Hotel. Dogs and cats 15 pounds and under may enjoy our guest rooms and suites, as well as

Teatro Duse

2014 Season propose a lot of international entertainments. Teatro Duse is not far from the Hotel, and we can help you finding tickets. There are a lot of offers and Convention  so you can enjoy nice show for nice price.

Ragù Bolognese- No spaghetti Bolognese

Please don’t ask me for spaghetti bolognese!   The Bolognese sauce – or rather, ragù alla bolognese – is a typical sauce of the city of Bologna, made with tomato sauce and minced meat, and to say that it is

Bye Bye Summer 2013

Thanks to everybody!! Thanks to all my lovely guests Thanks to appreciate our works, our products, our passion See you next year   xxx Matteo

Marriage proposal on the 5th

The sun was shingn when Roy went up on the terrace to see the location for his marriage proposal. He was excited while I overheated after preparing dinner for the two future spouses, trying to calm him down and enjoy

Premio Ospitalità Italiana

Vote….FOR TOURING YES WE CAN!! or yes week end….but please…vote dfor us!! Complete the form on this page and express your vote so you can take part in the prize competition! Each phone number/email address can vote up to a

Fuoco Acqua Elettricità

Electricity, represented by the conductor, the light becomes energy in motion. Personally I would like to thank: Alice and Serena for beautiful photos and the idea of Touring Beloved Session Silvia and Lucretia for the help, Dream Cakes Bologna, Matteo

JamBo Sport Festival

Hey guys preparate skate, fmx, GoPro, which leaves the JamBo Sports Festival! Three days of events, sport and style in Bologna Bologna fairs in collaboration with Italian Music Show by a new event in the Italian panorama. The JamBO Urban

Jamie Talk About Bologna!!

Anyone who knows me knows very well how much you adore the Jamie Oliver, I talk about style, not the way of cooking   In any case the great Jamie has radically changed the way we communicate, the way we

Trip Certificate

Thanks a lot to all of you!!! In Italy we say : “bella soddisfazione!” 

Music For Life a Villa Spada

The best known jazz standard merged with effervescent rhythms of gypsy music, for an afternoon of music and of solidarity. Hot Club de Bologne Sunday 19 may, at 16.30, the Sala della Meridiana in the tapestry Museum of Villa Spada,

2013Lamborghini Anniversary

Power on the engines, controls the rearview mirror, by gas, it starts! Bologna in the capitol of italian food, but it also popular for Ferrari, Maserati, Ducati and more. 2013 is the Lamborghini Year! Like an awards ceremony red carpet