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Here we introduce how to taste a good wine.

Wine is a world a part. Just in Italy we have about 12000 variety of wine!

Remember: YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A SOMMELIER TO ENJOY THE WINE, what you need is: wine, glass, friends.

1)First of all: the  Blind tasting

To ensure impartial judgment of a wine, it should be served blind — that is, without the taster(s) having seen the label or bottle shape. Blind tasting may also involve serving the wine from a black wine glass to mask the color of the wine. A taster’s judgment can be prejudiced by knowing details of a wine, such as geographic origin, price, reputation, color, or other considerations.

2)Vertical and horizontal tasting

Vertical and horizontal wine tastings are wine tasting events that are arranged to highlight differences between similar wines.

In a vertical tasting, different vintages of the same wine type from the same winery are tasted. This emphasizes differences between various vintages.
In a horizontal tasting, the wines are all from the same vintage but are from different wineries. Keeping wine variety or type and wine region the same helps emphasize differences in winery styles.
Tasting flights[edit]

Tasting flight is a term used by wine tasters to describe a selection of wines, usually between three and eight glasses, but sometimes as many as fifty, presented for the purpose of sampling and comparison.

3) Tasting notes, uhm here you need to do exercise :)  

A tasting note refers to a taster’s written testimony about the aroma, taste identification, acidity, structure, texture, and balance of a wine. Online wine communities like Bottlenotes allow members to maintain their tasting notes online and for the reference of others.

4)Please, not fall into the stereotypes. When you order a wine you have to know  that the “name” don’t make the wine. I mean when you order a Chianti (4 explanple) you should know that this wine is made with SANGIOVESE grapes (from 70 to 100%). Chianti is the region where the grapes grow up. One important part of the tasting is the temperature:

Sangiovese is served:

14–17°C 57–63°F

A lower temp   will emphasize acidity and tannini while muting the aromi. Higher temperatures will minimize acidity and tannins while increasing the aromatics.

Another ex is the Sassicaia. Lots of people ask me for Sassicaia that is a wonderful wine from the Castagneto Carducci, (Toscana) – This wine is almost made with cabernet sauvignon! Drink an important wine as the Sassicaia, need time, money…and a buon palato :)




Ghost Guest

Schermata 02-2456701 alle 17.04.34One of the last review says:

“The hotel is less than a quarter of an hour to walk from Piazza Maggiore . Modern furniture but a little ‘ affastellato in the lobby, room as soon as discrete , bathroom (especially shower head with very thin jet of lukewarm water ) in need of radical restructuring …. ”

In the first place we do not believe that the customer has ever been our guest, but I still want to follow up to these criticisms that are published on our blog and we do it in order to publish the photos.

With regard to the distance I looked at google map . I think it is the most objective and are 8 min. I sincerely means it 4/5 min to get to Neptune ( even in these days that I have a tear in the leg ) .

Compared to the adjective ” affastellato ” , we remain puzzled , as we receive compliments daily for the furniture, but we will take his point of view . Out of curiosity, I share with you some shots that we just did. The Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo, often goes down and studied the script in our lobby. He says it makes him feel at home , which is a cozy and warm . Although Sherman was often to take coffee on the terrace and then go to “study ,” as he put it. In fact, smoking a cigar .

For all other criticism applies the same principle of relativity , but one thing is objective : we hoteliers are harassed by “judges” to which we can respond in a political way and kind, often when it comes to partial judgments , spiteful , and interested ( or colleagues , communication agencies that send mystery guests)

If a customer claims to have seen a donkey fly , we can not resign ourselves to respond and hope that the review will be surpassed by those nuove.Ciò also happens when a problem actually found by the reviewer, is solved by the hotel. The review remains , his score is average !

The most terrible thing , because it is destructive when a customer is not right, we do not we are informed and then writes it on the portals .

Gentlemen, we are here to satisfy you , to make you live a good travel experience.

“Dial number 9 of the receiver and tell us what we can do for you, please”



Vermeer Opere from The Mauritshuis- Golden Age


Girl with a Pearl Earring. Few titles conjure up such a sense of something immediately recognizable, of a familiar face, of a supreme, enigmatic beauty

Just like the Mona Lisa in Paris, or The Scream in Oslo. All three are symbols and emblems even before they are masterpieces – worlds of beauty and secret fascination. It’s as if the image comes out of the work and take the form of an emblem even before being seen as a painting. This only happens to what lives eternally.
For a couple of years the Mauritshuis – a treasure trove of a superb masterpieces by artists from Vermeer to Rembrandt – has been closed for major restoration and extension work. It is due to reopen in early summer 2014. The extraordinary new wing will combine an intense attachment to the past with a vision of the future.

Our cordial relations with the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna and its president Fabio Roversi-Monaco enabled us to present this project, now become an exhibition that will run at the Palazzo Fava, Bologna from 8 February to 25 May 2014.

Vermeer Hotel Deals


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San Luca’s Portico

HDR_senza-titolo3 San-Luca_0999 San-Luca_1001(RI)SCOPRIAMO IL PORTICO DI SAN LUCA

18 January and 1 February 2014

Thanks to the crowdfunding campaign the Municipality of Bologna is currently running (, it is now possible to get an exclusive perk: a guided tour in the Museum of the B.V. of San Luca to discover the extraordinary history of the Portico di San Luca Measuring 3.796 meters in length, the portico that links the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca and the town is the longest in the world. The crowdfunding campaign “Un passo per San Luca” aims at collecting € 300.000 in order to restore this unique monument. Everyone can donate and contribute to reach the goal! Thus, since to protect something means also to know it, by donating € 10 (or more!) it is now possible to participate in one of the two guided tours that will be held only for Portico donorsThese tours, curated by Pier Luca Gamberini – art historian and manager of the Museum – will show how the Portico was built, the different styles of the various architects that designed the project, the peculiarity of the Meloncello arch – the only example of baroque architecture in Bologna – and much more. The guided tours – thanks to historical documents, prints and books – will show how actually, even its construction was crowdfunded! The Portico of San Luca was built in 1674-1715 thanks to the spontaneous contributions of the citizens who offered either money or manual work to construct the roofed arcade… it is therefore a natural consequence that today’s donors will “meet” their crowdfunding predecessors through these visitsThe two guided tours will take place on the 18th of January and 1st of February 2014, starting time 11.30 am. Meeting point: Museo of the Beata Vergine of San Luca, Piazza di Porta Saragozza 2/a. Duration: 1 hour. The tour will be held in Italian.The Museum’s location is an ancient tower-shaped wall which dates back to the 13th century; during the tour it will also be possible to visit the terrace that overlooks the first arches of the Portico. To take part in the guided tours just donate 10 euro or more by selecting the“Ri-scopriamo San Luca” perk on the crowdfunding An email containing all the details will be sent to the donor right after the payment procedure.

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