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Pet Friend Hotel in Bologna

Bologna Hotel Pet Friendly

Small animals welcome

The Touring Charming  Hotel Bologna is excited to welcome your four-legged travel companions to the Hotel. Dogs and cats 15 pounds and under may enjoy our guest rooms and suites, as well as in-room amenities including pet treats, a bowl filled with  water, and  pet bed in which to rest their tired paws after a long day of sightseeing under the portici. Our desk team is also happy to offer their dog-walking services and provide information regarding petsitting and grooming companies in Bologna or Emilia ( pay-service). Your furry friends must remain on a leash and under supervision in the Hotel’s public areas. Even in a hotel full of pet-lovers, we must ask that our furry guests be attended to at all times and they are not allowed in food service areas. Terrazza is ok .)

Teatro Duse

stagione_13_142014 Season propose a lot of international entertainments. Teatro Duse is not far from the Hotel, and we can help you finding tickets.

There are a lot of offers and Convention  so you can enjoy nice show for nice price.

Ragù Bolognese- No spaghetti Bolognese

Please don’t ask me for spaghetti bolognese!


Schermata 10-2456583 alle 17.18.32Spaghetti al pomodoro

The Bolognese sauce – or rather, ragù alla bolognese – is a typical sauce of the city of Bologna, made with tomato sauce and minced meat, and to say that it is cooked slowly would be an euphemism: we’re talking about hours and hours and hours. No one from Bologna, no one from Emilia, no Italian would eat the ragù with any type of pasta that was not tagliatelle or pappardelle or cappelletti. At the most, short pasta tubes or strozzapreti. But do me a favour, with spaghetti?

Spaghetti are perfect with tomato, alla carbonare….but no with ragù.
My grandma ragù recipe is:

Prepare the sauce with a fried onion, celery andcarrot in olive oil, then add the ground meat,deglaze with red wine, add the fresh tomatoand a bit ‘of finely chopped cooked ham. Simmer for 3 hours.

Simple, easy, fast, and u can freeze it!

So why go in a pizzeria and ask for spaghetti bolognese? :)

Tagliatelle è meglio!