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Music For Life a Villa Spada

Jazz a Bologna

Jazz a Bologna

The best known jazz standard merged with effervescent rhythms of gypsy music, for an afternoon of music and of solidarity.

Hot Club de Bologne Sunday 19 may, at 16.30, the Sala della Meridiana in the tapestry Museum of Villa Spada, Bologna (Via di Casaglia, 7), “Rossella Regina and Hot Club de Bologna” for the 23rd edition of the “Tina” Concerto, the traditional musical event organized by Bob Alvisi UILDM’s to raise funds for the projects of assistance to people with muscular dystrophy and their families.
“For three years, the ‘ concert for Tina has taken on a new meaning – says Roberto Alvisi daughter Stefania-. It was always a way to remember Tina, mother and wife, but from 2010 it is related to the memory of Bruno, who concluded his career against muscular dystrophy. But their love, their strength, their curiosity for life are precious gifts that will remain forever.

Composed by Simone Mercuri and Antonello Sanza on guitars, Gabriele Nalder on bass, Daniel Ligorio on drums and Jacopo Farzin on trumpet, the quintet of the Hot Club de Bologne “was born in 2010 with the specific intention of proposing some classic jazz manouche the great guitarist Django Reinhardt, without sacrificing the standards of New Orleans 30 ‘s-40 ‘s.

The entire proceeds will be donated to UILDM di Bologna to finance new projects and new service activities on behalf of people with muscular dystrophy and who is their neighbor. (U.S. Agenda)

For information: UILDM-Bologna Section, tel. 051, 266013.