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Top 10 Most Guarded Secrets of Bologna (and Why You Should Visit Italy’s Most Underrated City)

By: Sarah Dowling

For me, Bologna is without question the most underrated city in Italy. My suspicions for this come twofold. For one, Bologna is a medieval city, which means that from the outside you can’t see everything. You have to remember that medieval cities were built in such a way to protect the beautiful palaces and rich artwork from a not so great public sanitation system. So, although it is now safe to walk in the streets of Bologna, you still have to go inside a building to find a lot of the good stuff. So I challenge you, dear readers, to put your detective hats on and uncover the top 10 most guarded secrets of Bologna!….

A 360 Degree Cafè Terrace View – In Bologna, rooftop restaurants and terrace cafés are nearly impossible to find. Apart from the towers, there aren’t too many tall buildings. Nevertheless, there is one place that you can go to enjoy a morning cappuccino with a beautiful, 360 degree view of Bologna. You can find this magical place at Hotel Touring, located on Via De’ Mattuiani near Piazza San Domenico. When you go inside, just ask the receptionist if you can go up to the terrazza for a coffee. They’ll point you in the right direction. You can also go here in the evening for an aperitivo. It’s a bit more expensive than most bars, but it’s definitely worth paying the few extra euro for the view. Can you spot all 21 towers in Bologna?



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