In order to make navigation and user experience simple and efficient, we use cookies. Through this information, we intend to provide the necessary information on the types of cookies used, the purposes for which we use them, and the ways in which the user can remove them if he wishes.

What are Cookies

Cookies are small text files containing letters and numbers that are placed on the devices in use by the user who visits the website. Cookies are saved in the directories used by the user’s web browser and are then re-sent to the site that generated them on each subsequent visit. There are various types of cookies, with different functionality.It is not necessary to enable cookies for the site to be visited, but doing so improves navigation. It is possible to delete or block cookies, but in this case, some functions of the site may not work properly.
Information regarding cookies is not used to identify users and navigation data are always under our control. Cookies are used exclusively for the purposes described here.

Types of cookies

  1. Technical cookies

These are cookies that allow certain sections of the site to function correctly and are of two categories: persistent and session:

persistent: they are not deleted by simply closing the browser, but remain stored until a preset expiration date, or until they are manually removed.
session: they are deleted every time the browser is closed
Technical cookies are necessary to view the site correctly and use the services offered: for this reason they are always used. They can still be disabled by changing the user’s browser settings, but this could lead to problems with viewing the pages of the site.

  1. Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are used to collect anonymous information on the use of the site by users. will use the information thus obtained to improve the use of the site and provide interesting and relevant content to the interests of users.
Analytical cookies are sent from the Site or from third-party domains.

  1. Third party service analysis cookies

They are used to collect anonymous information on the use of the site and are sent from third-party domains external to the site.

  1. Cookies to integrate third party software products and functions

These are cookies necessary to integrate features developed by third parties within the site: for example, the generation of maps and buttons for liking and sharing social networks.

  1. Profiling cookies

These are cookies necessary to create user profiles in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences that the user has expressed while browsing the site.

Links to third-party websites and services

This Cookie Policy relates exclusively to the site Our site may contain links to third-party services and other websites, which have their own cookie policy and their own privacy policy: www.hoteltouring .it is not responsible for these sites and these third-party web services.

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How to disable cookies

To change the way your web browser stores cookies, you can consult the guides that each supplier makes available on its site: